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90200A-NC Voice Processor
The 90200A-NC uses electronic digital signal processing to cancel background audio noise from the desired voice signal thereby improving the speech intelligibility.

90200A-NCEC Voice & Echo Processor
The 90200A-NCEC performs both noise cancellation and echo cancellation to a full duplex communication channel. Using electronic digital signal processing the product will add to the far and near field performance of any noise cancellation microphone.

UT-200 ICOM UHF/VHF Radio Option
Introducing the UT-200 ICOM radio option. Once installed voice band audio processing techniques are used to reduce background noise from the received audio signal making voice intelligible.

Power over Ethernet
With the K-100 Power over Ethernet (PoE) kit, users require only simple installation of low voltage twisted pair cable to power up and make high speed 10/100 network connections to remote peripheral equipment.

Cygnal Part Number C8051F021
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Silicon Laboratory
Cygnal C8051F021
Mixed Signal Microcontroller

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